Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our Writer's Wall

This wall was created to showcase  samples of work done in the classroom by students. Even though we have our work on this blog, it is our belief that we should display our work on the wall as well so that other person's without internet access can view our work.
Below are some pictures of students, creating the Writing4Success Writer's Wall!!!

Here, students can be seen, typing sections of the banner  as well as posting the main heading.
Oneil Grey, gluing sub-headings.
Cameron and Daniel posting heading.

Good job boys!
Oneil and Jerome gluing samples of poetry....
Working hard....

Hakeem Kelly posting samples of poetry written by the class.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Poetry Writing (Diamante)

Submitted by: Hakeem Kelly

Little, Friendly
Reading, Talking, Playing
Love, Beauty, Happiness, Wealth
Walking, Working, Sleeping
Big, Pretty
Submitted by: Richardo Martin

Big, Beautiful
Working, Shopping, Exciting
Buses, Market, Stores, Plaza
Running, Dancing, Buying
Busy, Noisy

Submitted by: Shaquille Martin
Good, Nice
Loving, Caring, Sharing
Love, Harmony, Danger, Sadness
Killing, Fighting, Robbing
Bad, Destructive

Submitted by: Shamell Cameron
Lovely, Kind
Working, Caring, Dancing
Beautiful, Happy, Sad, Bad
Fighting, Killing, Talking
Submitted by: Shevoy Richettes
Beautiful, Lovely
Caring, Sharing, Working
Jewellery, Beauty, Clothes, Car
Talking, Loving, Driving
Submitted by: Trevor Mills

Happy, Sad
Working, Dancing, Buying
Love, Peace, Smile,Hug
Texting, Sleeping, Eating
Beautiful, Kind
Submitted by: Kimo Richards

Beautiful, Big
Talking, Walking, Sleeping
Jewels, Bags, Books, Money
Laughing, Playing, Eating
Lovely, Noisy

Submitted by: Daniel Harrison

Beautiful, Kind
Caring, Sharing, Loving
Fun, Joy, Love, Peace
Reading, Dancing, Smiling
Nice, Good

Submitted by: Tiffany Prince

Nice, Lovely
Caring, Loving, Sharing
Life, Peace, Death, Gun
Killing, Fighting, Stealing
Wicked, Bad

Submitted by: Shadine Williams

Dark, Quiet
Sleeping, Reading, Caring
Darkness, Fear, Light, Happiness
Working, Cooking, Washing
Busy, Sunny

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Journal Writing

January 23, 2013

Entry #1 Submitted by: Shamell Cameron

One of my responsibilities at home is to clean my room and my yard. Sometimes the yard is very dry and dusty with a lot of leaves. I have to sweep the yard with a rake sometimes. I use a rubbish pan to pick up rubbish, it makes my yard clean. My room is very messy so I clean it everyday with a broom. I have to clean my room. Sometimes I clean off my bed, I put my sheet on the bed quickly to go to school.
At school I have a great time with my teacher, reading books. I like to work and do things with my mother and father a home.

Entry #2 Submitted by: Jamar Lee

My favorite time of the day is when I am writing about myself. I am going to tell you about myself. My name is Jamar Lee, I am sixteen years old. The school I attend is Success Christian Academy. I live in Linstead. I love to dance, play games and listen to music. I love my teacher Ms.Thomas but she makes me feel upset sometimes.

Entry #3 Submitted by: Kashique Gordon

When I am at school I like to play with my friend and talk about school life. I like Mathematics and Language Arts. I do a lot of things with my teacher and classmates in the classroom. I like this school and some of the teachers, we have three classrooms. Our students wear white an brown and the grade nine students wear brown and beige.
I like to go on trips with my teachers and friend. We have a lot of fun at this school, our school is small but we have a lot of students. We have about eight teachers at this school and two college teachers.
This school helps us to learn skills to make something out of life, be ourselves and to have a high self esteem and do what is right.
In September 2012 we came to this school and we met a lot of friends and new teachers. We do tests, I do my best in some of the subject, we have the best teachers here. We must respect our teachers and people outside in the world. This school helps every student to learn but some of them are disrespectful. I disrespect teachers, I know I make a lot of mistakes in life but I overcame them.
This school has made a difference, we are smart children, we will succeed in life. We can do our best in this school by working hard and doing our best.This school is the best.

Entry #4 Submitted by: Kerieka Walker

If I had $20, I would buy my mother a gift for her birthday. I am thinking to buy a pet or a cake. I would love to give my mom a good gift but my brother and I are going to give her a birthday of her life. We will have her friends over, it is the first time we are going to have a birthday for my mom. She is not here but she is coming home soon. I will call my father and tell him to come over for my mom's birthday.
Everyone is happy that my mom is coming for her birthday, it is the first time I am going to see my mom, I am so glad to see the way she looks. Everyday I say to my brother "Where is my mother?"

Entry #5 Submitted by: Orane Wilson

Children in the first grade should be able to write and count and read. They should learn about the country, environments and our culture.Every child should learn and must learn. Everyone should know that learning is fun and every teacher must pay attention to students and not make them feel left out out.
You can carry them to church even on Sundays and make them hear the word of God. I love children so much and when I get mine I will love them.

Entry #6 Submitted by: Daniel Harrison

I want to write a book about ducks. I like to write about animals and other things. The reason I write about ducks is because I like them. I will start my story now about ducks.
One day a group of ducks were walking down the lane,it was hot, they were going down the pond. When the ducks reached the pond they all say a fluffy fox. The pond is filled with ducks so the decided to turn back. The sneaky fox said to the ducks "I know a pond". "Where is it?" asked the ducks. "Let me bring you to it" said the fox. The fox licked his lips and said "Step right in". The duck went in and never came out. The other ducks said "He is taking too long, suddenly the duck flew up and said "Run!". The ducks ran away and never went for  swim again.

Entry #7 Submitted by: Oneil Gray

When I grow up I want to be a chef, but I have to get a good education. I want to be a good reader and writer. In the future I want achieve my goals, I want to work hard to achieve my goals. I want to work on the ship to earn money to feed my family.
I love to go to church, my church life is very important to me. I love to read the bible, the bible is very good to read. When I am doing anything I think about God, he is so good to me.

Introduction! Welcome to Writing4Success

This blog Writing4Success was created by students for students! Having observed the Grade 10 Dixon class I have come to the conclusion that the students engage in little Independent Writing. Most of the students are afraid to write because they are of the belief that their writing will never be good enough for anyone to read. The purpose of this blog is to get students to become better writers as well as to allow them to track their progress of a period of time. The blog will also make students become more familiar with the writing process, enhance their ability to proofread and  edit their own work, and maximize student utilization of the Internet and Information Technology. Here you will find a variety of writing pieces some of which will include:
-Journal Entries
-Book Reports